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Welcome to Laundry Depot

For over 30 years, Laundry Depot has dedicated itself to giving back to and fostering a safe, healthy community. From experienced and trained professionals, to top of the line washers and dryers, we’re confident that you’ll be met with an unparalleled service, so go ahead and pay us a visit today.



Ruth E.

I have been coming to this location for 20+ years. Open 24 hours a day, I like early morning or very late hours. Every time I'm here, I witness some kind and very hard working individuals. There are times when I come alone. The workers have stopped what they're doing to lend a helping hand with wheeling in or out my loads when I have a lot. I feel safe as the staff is usually on the floor cleaning. I recommend the Laundry Depot. Thank you to the staff. I recognize your hard work.

Frederick B.

I’ve been a customer here for years. Compared to the other local laundromats in the Islip area, this place is very economical especially with the dryer’s provided there. What stands out overall is the friendliness of the employees there. I always feel welcomed from the moment I walk in, usually greeted with a smile and given a smile when I leave. This to me shows that me patronizing the establishment is important to them! Highly recommended for business!

Freddy G.

The Best Laundromat Service on Long Island. I've been coming here over 20 years. Clean Machines, very sanitary and covid precautions are taken serious here. Open 24/7. Best days for me to go washing are on weekdays. They also have excellent full service and a couple other laundromats one on Brentwood rd. One on south of fifth ave before sunrise and another on union blvd going south of fifth ave turn left on union blvd next to subway. I will add photos on my next visit.


Facility Policies

1. No pets are allowed in all laundromats. Exceptions to service animals.

2. Children must be supervised by parent(s) or guardian(s) and are not allowed to play in or with any of the laundromat machines. It will be dangerous for them.

3. Before putting your clothes inside the machines, please check and ensure that there are no other objects or articles inside. 

4. Check machines and clothes before using.

5. Make sure all of your clothes' pockets are empty before washing or drying.

6. Outside washes brought here only for drying are not allowed. Drying is only allowed for clothes washed using our machines. Different wash cycles than ours can cause excessive wetness and cause potential damage to the dryers. 

7. Please do not leave clothes unattended. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 

8. No refunds will be given when a machine has been misused.

The background shows our Union Blvd laundromat and its one-of-a-kind "Reading Corner". Featuring learning books and family friendly furniture, the Reading Corner is perfect for children of all ages to relax or play. 

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